Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Oscar Fashion Re-cap

I just wasn't that floored this year with the dresses. None were super standouts for me, maybe I have become too picky and expecting of great things but I was waiting for a "WOW" moment and it never really arrived.

Natalie Portman
* Raspberry color is fresh and lovely
* Love the bodice detail

Miley Cyrus
*While not he greatest Miley fan she really did have the most age appropriate dress.
*I think we forget she is only 15, so lots of layers and beading are spot on

Sarah Jessica Parker
*Oh SJP, love the ballerina dress with belt accessory.

Marissa Tomei
*I pray that I look this good at 44
*Beautifully sculpted gown and right on trend with the origami details

Heidi Klum
*Fun and Funky, but glam enough for the Oscars??

Diane Lane
*Simple and stunning per usual

Anne Hathaway
*I really like the bodice and paillette detail of her gown. The pooling of the fabric at the hem is gorgeous, but why the creamy color??

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