Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tin Lizzy

I have a tendency to borrow (and by borrow I mean keep forever) my mom's vintage purses, Liz Claiborne being my favorite.

At the beginning of February Liz launched their new, much anticipated, line at the helm of Isaac Mizrahi. The Spring line is fun, quirky, wearable, classic silhouettes and reasonable prices. Leave it to Isaac to bring us back to the future.

SO... I couldn't help myself when I gazed upon this lovely bag on their new website.

LOVE IT, Love the color, LOVE that it is Liz. This might take a bit to catch on, but with bullish hope, it will coast along once more.
Jackie Leather Tote

Liz Claiborne is peaking through the porthole and eyes a comeback on the horizon.

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