Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rain, cold, wind - dressed for the elements

Leaving my apartment this morning was a task. Not only was it raining but wind whipped through the streets forcing the already 40 degree day to feel like 35.

On days like this, I wear a warm turtleneck, scarf, raincoat, skirt, tights and wellies (I don't like scrunching my nice tailored and pressed work pants into my boots, I leave that to denim, also the wet pant look just isn't for me). So, now that I am dry and warming up, I thought we could look at some great options for raincoats, wellies and tights.

Enjoy and stay warm!

Classic trench, $149 at Eddie Bauer
Hue tartan plaid tights, $22 at Boomingdale's
Chooka rain boots, $59.95 at Nordstrom

Marithe + Francois Girbaud raincoat, $845 at
Argyle tights, $16.95 at Topshop
Merona Zandra rainboots, $32.99 at Target

London Fog raincoat, $99.98 at Macy's 
Grooved channel tights, $18.00 at Anthropologie 
Sperry Sadie rainboots, $74.95 at Zappos

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