Friday, October 15, 2010

Boots for all

Athletic calves are a beautiful thing but not the easiest for finding perfect knee high boots. It's not like these lovely powerful calves can just throw on ankle boots either, because those must be well below the ankle bone in order to be delightfully flattering. Do not fret. There are options. Boots without a zipper are usually the best choice for athletic calves, the zipper type tend to run on the narrow side. Enjoy!

Narrow calves have a different issue, searching out narrow boots are just as painstaking. The beauty of the narrow calf is that they can wear any boot but not all of them will be snug enough around. The area between ankle and knee needs some love and protection from the elements. While these thin calves are envied for their ability to flaunt military style mid-height boots, they still have a problem with knee highs. Some choices for you. Enjoy!

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