Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gloves, take your pick

This was the first morning that my hands felt very chilly on my walk to the subway. It's time to take a peak at glove options. Like the many trends to choose from this fall, the glove selection runs the gamut from furry to fair isle. Take your pick. Enjoy! 

These remind me of Woolly Mammoth paws, love them.

For a not so blistery day, add some funky to your wardrobe with these studded leather gloves.

Leather with faux fur, a sexy little glove.

Fair isle, what better way to celebrate fall 2010.

These driving gloves will make you feel like you are whipping through the fall foliage in a gorgeous (add your dream car here) convertible.

 Add a little back country to your life with these wool and quilted leather lovelies.

A cozy afternoon stroll, these are perfect for when you need to turn the pages in your book, just flip back the mitten.

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