Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Closet

It's that time of year again when we try on the clothes, clean the closets, store the winter goods and get ready to flaunt some serious spring ensembles.

Not sure where to begin, here is a step by step guide on flipping your closet and prepping for the warm weather ahead.

1. Try on your stored spring clothes. If you didn't wear it last year, or the year before, it's time to say goodbye, if it's in good condition then donate to charity, otherwise send it to recycle.

2. Shoes: check the heels of your spring shoes. If the balls of the feet or heel tips need to be fixed or replaced now is the time to take them into your favorite shoe repair spot.

3. What do you need/want for this season? I am sure you have a list, look thru it and see what you already have that can be paired with the new items. If you are on a serious budget, accessories are a great way to update your wardrobe. Think about adding texture and color to the basics in your closet.

4. If you live in an apartment, storage can be a huge headache. I am not a big fan of under bed storage, it messes with the energy flow of a room, but I, like so many apartment dwellers, don't have the luxury to not use it.Make sure to CLEAN all your garments before you store them for winter, if you dry clean, take them out of the bag before storing. Here are my favorite under-bed storage pieces...

5. Organize your spring hats, scarves and jewelry so they are readily accessible. Updating your wardrobe for spring is as easy as a few new accessories (see #3). All of my necklaces are hanging from push pins inside my closet. I open the doors and see everything I have right in front of me. I am not keen on those hanging jewelry organizers, with push pins I can grab and go. Another option are those little damage free hooks, like these from Command™.

6. Need a little more help.. you can always ask your favorite stylist to guide you through your transition. Enjoy!

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