Monday, April 18, 2011

Vegas, Baby!

I am off to Vegas on Friday for what is bound to be an epic and hands-down wonderful wedding. Pool party on Friday, lounge by the pool Saturday before the evening wedding, then Easter mass and brunch on Sunday. I am keeping it casual for the Friday and Sunday events, maxi dresses and espadrilles. The main event on Saturday night is cocktail attire, so I am playing up the sparkle of the strip with bangles and cocktail rings. With the deep-v of my dress, a totally bare neck is key and since I am not prone to earrings, just little studs will do. What would you wear to a Vegas wedding? Enjoy!

Las Vegas wedding


simone leblanc said...

The color of those shoes- to die for! ;)

Maria said...

Thanks Simone! I can't wait to wear them!