Monday, February 6, 2012

Jason Wu for Target, selling on ebay?

If I were Target, I may want to revamp the rules for customers purchasing collaboration collections. The Jason Wu for Target collection went on sale at midnight on Feb 5th, it is now almost completely sold out because customers, like this Miami couple, are purchasing full stocks of the collection to resell. How does that even happen? Why didn't a store manger step in?

H&M knows that you have you limit customers to 2 of each item when a popular designer launches a collection with them, otherwise you have the pieces being scooped up by the handfuls by just a few people to either sell to friends or hock on ebay (let us not forget the fiasco that was Missoni for Target). Not only is this frustrating for customers but if I was the designer on a collaboration, I would be none to pleased that the affordable pieces I designed for the mass market were being hoarded by the cart full only to be sold on ebay for double the price!

Here are some favorites from the Jason Wu for Target collection (which I refuse to buy on ebay). Some of these may still be available in stores but are either sold out online or not available. Sigh, I really loved this collection, too.

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