Friday, August 17, 2012

Magazine Mayhem

Hello my darlings! It feels good to be back.

Little Baby Easton arrived 11 weeks ago and I am obsessed with him! We are slowly creating a routine which gives me more time to work on this lovely blog that I have missed.

With motherhood comes lack of time to read, anything. I barely get through my WWD and NY Post every morning, let alone the glossies I enjoy. There is a stack a mile high waiting to be peeled through and torn apart (Bazaar is missing, I left it in CA by mistake, very sad)...

I love devouring each one, tearing pages, cutting out photos and pinning them to my inspiration board for myself and clients. I encourage all of you to tear pages for inspiration, one little item can change an entire look. Pin them to your closet or a wall you look at everyday. Just a glance can remind you to try something new! 

Some tear-outs that made the board for Fall... What's on your inspiration board?
*Menswear (tweed and argyle)
*Shades of blue
*Gold buttons
*Rich, deep colors like wine, hunter green and navy
*Peek-a-boo sheer
*Winter white
*Brilliant jewelry

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