Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Finds: Closet Essentials

My little one discovered my living room "office." He found the magazines, pens, pencils, tear sheets and anything else his little hands could grasp. It was time to move my little nook to the safest place I could think of, my closet.

While I have a spacious closet for NYC standards it is by no means large. The key to making everything fit is organization and a seasonal wardrobe, meaning I switch my closet for spring/summer and fall/winter. Anything not for the season is stored around my apartment in airtight plastic bins, vacuum sealed bags and one very large suitcase that I haven't used since living in Italy in 1999. Also, with an organized closet findings ensembles is that much easier!

So, here are my closet essentials. And don't forget... Style by Risso organizes closets! Click here to find out more. Enjoy!

Friday Finds: Closet essentials

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