Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Finds: H&M

H&M online shopping, doesn't it just sound so good together. From the luxury of my little desk, I can sift through the racks of delicious fast fashion, albeit a smaller selection than what is in store. But now I can also pick up the little guy a few things, too, without going to two different locations!

So, as we push further into August, it's time to think about your Fall wardrobe. Some of my favorite transitional pieces are below. Enjoy and Happy Weekend!

Friday Finds: H&M online shopping

by frolicintulle

All H&M: Green jacket, $46 / trousers, $23 / jersey knit dress, $12 / loose top, $20 / pleated top, $23 / flared skirt, $20 / cordoroy pants, $23 / Black peplum jacket, $46 / 

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