Thursday, May 28, 2009

Margi Kent - Rockin' It

On May 6, 2009, "Rock 'N Roll Doctor", Margi Kent, debuted her Fall 2009 line at Hosfelt Gallery in New York. Ms. Kent has styled such big names as Stevie Nicks, Kim Cattrall, Mariah Carey and Demi Moore.

Ms. Kent's collection, which includes ready-to-wear, evening and bridal, showcases her ability to create wearable rock vibe pieces - the collection is artistic but not over the top.
What really intrigued me about her line is the use of wrinkle-free fabric, my last encounter with wrinkle-free was with Eddie Bauer in the late 90's, not a memorable experience. Ms. Kent, however, proves that wrinkle-free can be fashion forward and chic.

Being curious about her inspiration and her use of these special fabrics, I passed along a few questions, which Ms. Kent kindly answered, check out her interview below, as well as a few designs from her new line.

For those interested in seeing more, check out her website,

Frolic in Tulle- What inspired your full line launch?
Ms. Kent- I had planned to do it early last year, but I got the Neil Diamond tour. His project was so creative and fun that I chose to delay everything. But really, being an artist, it was just time. I needed to more fully develop the ideas I had been working on. I started playing with all the fantastic fabrics I have in my extensive inventory, and the concept kept evolving.

Frolic in Tulle- Who did you have in mind while you designed your collection?
Ms. Kent- I think about my private clients, and my needs. My client is sophisticated, smart, well traveled, and confident. She has her own style and tailors trends in her own way.

Frolic in Tulle- You are using wrinkle free fabrics. What brought you to this decision?
Ms. Kent- It’s a bonus when you use fine fabrics. I don’t design trendy, I do timeless cool, a bit more intellectual. The fabrics are sensual and luxurious to the touch. I love knits and the relaxed life they offer. When you build garments with integrity and quality they stand up to travel really well. I test them on myself.

Frolic in Tulle- What is your favorite piece in the collection?
Ms. Kent- I have one jacket called Deconstruct that I love. The other thing that I can’t live without is my Fuzzy cowl shrug. I put it into the collection because I wear one every day.

Frolic in Tulle- What is next for Margi Kent?
Ms. Kent- MORE_MORE_MORE_____ It’s just the beginning of the collection. We do new things every day, I just can’t stop. We are now translating gowns into our bridal line, with a big concept for destination weddings. You can’t imagine the gowns that we have developed for travel, and it was all an accidental discovery!

Shoulder detail and metallic, spot on for Fall.

This sheer, nude top is a great addition to any wardrobe.

The boyfriend jacket is a staple for next season,
turn the table on standard black with this teal version.

Ruffles and purple, one way ticket to Fall 2009.

Matthew Coulter)

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