Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pick and Choose Fall Trends

So, if you haven't read this yet, you will now. There is a plethora of trends to filter through for Fall 2009.

Let me name a few: shear, shine, menswear, layers, rocker chic, floral prints, hippie chic, 40's glam.

I am overwhelmed just thinking about it. This is one of those seasons where picking and choosing trends is not only helpful, it is necessary. Fear not my fashion loved ones, this is a great year to try new things and let go of those you really shouldn't touch.

Below are the trends I am working into my wardrobe for the beautiful autumn days ahead. (Here is the link to my initial Fall Trend list directly following the shows, click here)

This is just the clothing side, the handbags, shoes and jewelry are still to come.




Layer your knits or go for layered textures and frill, this one is up to you.

Rocker Chic

40's Glam

(Photos: style.com)

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