Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Elle Magazine- $75 and $25

Last night on MTV reality tv show, The City, Olivia Palmero, was given the task by Elle Magazine's PR director to create a work outfit for $75 and a pool party outfit for $25 (I can't remember if it was beach party or pool party so I am going with the pool). The outfits were scheduled to be shown on a fashion segment of the Today show. After lots of eye rolling and acting as if the task was below her, Olivia went about "trying" to find the looks. I thought this seemed like a fun challenge so I scoured the internet and created the two looks. Check it out Elle!

Disclaimer: I am doing this all online but I have no doubt that it can be done by hoofing it around the city.

$75 - Work

$25 - Pool Party
In all honesty, the $25 pool party look was not easy but it definitely did not turn out all grey with a sarong made into a skirt. Also, I took the liberty to assume this woman will not be going swimming as to not mess up her fabulous blowout that she was able to afford since her outfit only cost $25.00.


molly said...

that is my favorite pool party outfit! I have an outfit that looks nearly identical but it didn't cost $25. :( i should have waited for your blog post! (THIS IS SHERRI BY THE WAY-- NOT MOLLY)

tribecagirl said...

Love it!! Thanks "molly", he he