Monday, November 16, 2009

LOVE "I Love Your Style"

My lovely friend Beth, of Just My Cup of Tea, told me I must read "I LoveYour Style" 

So, when I popped over to Anthropologie on Friday, to help 'style' my friend Andriana, it was fatefully sitting on a beautifully merchandised table of jewelry.

I finally started reading it last night and fell madly into this little treasure. It is filled to the brim with photographs of legends, icons, designers and everyone stylish in between. I was most intrigued by the author's grandmother, Beatrice Cutter.  In the 1930's, Mrs. Cutter was one the highest paid female executives, she had a weekly radio show and believed that...
"A limited purse is not a valid excuse to dress poorly." 

I could not have said it better myself.

One does not have to flaunt a 6 figure salary in order to dress well. Learn, listen, watch and find inspiration from the great designers of the past and present, from there, always choose the best pieces at the prices you can afford.

So here's to you Mrs. Beatrice Cutter, affordable and chic winter must haves. Enjoy!

The Lug Sole Platform Pump

The Elbow Length Glove

The Tweed Coat

The Novelty Ring

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