Friday, November 13, 2009


By Friday, like most everyone else I know, I am ready for the weekend. Ready to wake up Saturday morning knowing that I can pretty much do anything with my day, free to explore, to create, to not be sitting at a desk.

It's funny how I have always fallen into a regular routine. As a child, we were up by 7am and off to a swim meet, excited for a day of racing in the pool, learning discipline and camaraderie, playing with friends and, possibly, basking in a win.

As a teen, those swim meets turned into Saturday morning practice, exhausted by 2 hours of drills and sprints but thrilled to go shopping with friends. I would wake up my best friend at exactly 10am, forcing her out of her slumber to meet me for our very packed and planned day. One of my favorite of all these Saturdays included shopping at Nordstrom, candy at See's, makeovers at Bare Essentials and dinner with friends.

Now, at 30, Saturdays are early morning run, grab some delicious coffee, read the papers, write my to-do list and forge ahead with my day, which normally ends with drinks with friends. There is something very comforting about Saturday.

Here is to comfort and the ever enjoyable Saturday... Enjoy!

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