Monday, March 29, 2010

Jen Aniston and the Lacroix Dress

Over the weekend, Jennifer Aniston wore a pink Christian Lacroix dress to the Paris premier of The Bounty Hunter. Her dress has been fodder for many online magazines and blogs, here are a select few...

Marie Claire UK
NY Magazine

Jennifer and her dress..

The dress is couture, overflowing in bows and layers. I like that Jen is finally wearing color on the red carpet, she normally opts for black. What I don't understand, is the shoe choice.

Did she not have any other shoes with her? Did her chosen pair break halfway to the event forcing her to throw on the pair in her bag? Surely, she could have found a plethora of choices on the Avenue Montaigne. Other options...

Giuseppe Zanotti
Biondini, Paris via Far Fetch

Ralph Lauren
Biondini, Paris via Far Fetch

Beatrix Ong
stocked at Mell in Paris

What shoes would you choose?

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