Friday, July 23, 2010

Blue Eye Shadow

Ok, so here is the thing about blue eyeshadow.

If you are wearing a bright blue shirt with matching bright blue eyes, keep it subtle.

There is no need to paint your lid bright blue up to your eyebrows (leave that to the runway or magazine ads), a little liner or a little highlight is just enough. If you plan to wear an electric pastel blue, please, please, do not do this...

I wish I could have mentioned this to the lady who walked in front of me at the office this morning but, alas, I was not quick enough, nor did I want to insult a perfectly harmless stranger.

I am not saying don't wear it, blue eye shadow can be playful, lovely and a bit daring...

It can also be scary and overboard...

(all photos google images)

So, air on the side of caution when rocking the bright blue and always remember, Less is More!

Happy Friday!

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