Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Paddle Boarding, Baby

On Saturday, my girlfriends and I will attempt paddle boarding. We are super excited for a new adventure as this will be our first foray into the sport of standing on a surfboard and attempting to maneuver around using one long paddle.

So, what does one wear for this excursion? I found a few things...

1st - The board, which is totally unnecessary since they are provided as part of the lesson but I am LOVING this one, I mean, Hello!...

2nd - Bikini, I prefer to wear bikini bottoms instead of shorts. That way there aren't any funky tan lines. Also, I am not particular to shorts, unless of course they are worn with tights and oxfords for Fall 2010...

3rd - Comfy standard tank to throw over bikini.

4th - Sunnies and sunblock to keep out those harmful rays (but necessary Vitamin D)

Oliver People's

5th - Adorable dress for post paddle boarding cocktails. We must be rewarded for all the hard work... Yep, I think I am ready!

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