Monday, December 12, 2011

It's chilly out there: Hats and Gloves

It is cold out there! Maybe because I have been sequestered inside with a cold that this is just hitting me, but brrrrrr. No time to forget the hat and mittens, my father always says "wear a hat and socks, that's where all the heat escapes." So, if you haven't found your favorite pair of gloves or your best topper, here are some that are perfect for these very chilly days. Oh, and some delicious moisturizers to keep the creepy dry hands at bay. Enjoy!
brrrr... Hats for the cold
Brrr... Gloves for the cold

Hats from top, left to right:
Talbots, $39
Kate Spade, $125

Gloves from top, clockwise:
Kate Spade, $75
MOMA Store, $32
Marc by Marc Jacobs, $68
Isotoner, $14
TopShop, $20

Origins Ginger Souffle$28
L'Occitane Shea Butter, $30
Philosophy Pure Grace, $20

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