Thursday, February 21, 2013

A little sleep will do: Silk pants

For many of us new moms, sleep is something we have long forgotten about. For the blessed few that have babies sleeping completely through the night, I am in awe of you and please enjoy that sleep for all of us. Yes, there may be a great 5 hour stretch on good nights, and I cherish those nights, but those are not the norm in this house. The body gets used to it, as much as it doesn't want to, and we move on in a relative state of haziness.

So, if I can't sleep at night I can pretend that I am still in bed with delicious silk pants. They are comfortable, luxurious and with the right pair and styling, won't look like you are walking around in pajamas all day.  

Styling tips...
1. Unless you can pull it off, don't wear them with the matching blouse, if there is one. We want an inspired pajama look not an actual pair of pajamas.
2. Add a structured jacket, like a leather moto, blazer or denim, to add some structure to the silk fabric.
3. Contrasting colors (black/white, black/navy, white/red) and pops of brights will keep this look updated for spring.

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