Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscar Night 2013: Live

It's that time of year again, the Oscar awards, and by awards I mean red carpet to watch. We are following the E! news channel. And we are off!

Giuliana Rancic is in a lovely black Rafael Cennamo gown with several tiers flowing down. I want to give her a sandwich with a side of chocolate chip cookies, she looks hungry.

Loving Kelly Osbourne's gown, there are three shoulder straps wrapping from front to back, really flattering and pretty.

Of course, there is Wolfgang Puck with Ryan Seacrest (who is wearing Burberry, as usual). Do you think they will send me a chocolate oscar? I would like one.

I appreciate the Mani-Cam since I am looking for new shades and tempted to get one of those Essie gel manicures. Wait does Essie make gel? Well, they should because I LOVE me some Essie!

Ross should really be interviewing the celebrities, he would be the new Isaac Mizrahi.

Eddie Redmayne is darling. I didn't get to see Les Miserables but when it comes out on DVD on March 22 I will be one of the first to watch!

I just took a look at some new photos that are on Wire Image. Robin Roberts looks stunning! Love her!

oooh I can see Jessica Chastain in a champagne bronze colored Giorgio Armani gown and long tresses, minimal jewelry and ruby red lipstick. She nailed it.
   A- She looks gorgeous. Makes up for her Golden Globes debacle.

Amy Adams in silver Oscar de la Renta, her hair is swept into an updo with hair a little wispy. The color looks great with her skin tone. I would normally worry it would wash her out a bit but not at all. 

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, she is so cute and pregnant. LOVE her earrings. Want them! Ryan never asked what they are wearing. We will be back with that.

Quvenzhane Wallis is really sweet and well spoken. She chose her dress because it is sparkly and she is wearing a puppy purse. Her sister's eye makeup is really really green.

Reese Witherspoon is gorgeous as usual. Hair worn long and swept to one side. She made a safe choice in a blue Louis Vuitton gown. Reese just said her hair is post baby hair, waiting for all of it to fall out. I HEAR ya, sister!

Kerry Washington in Miu Miu. The bodice beading feels a little distracting but the skirt color is so pretty. Very vibrant. Everyone I know that watches Scandal tells me I must watch it. 

Oh sweet Daniel Radcliffe, I love how chatty you are. 

Amanda Seyfried in custom Alexander McQueen.
   D- has just arrived to share in this night with us. Y and A are on remote standby. B is the boy in our party, he may chime in here and there.
   D- Amanda Seyfried, WHY do you not understand? Pale people cannot wear pale, neutral colors.
   Y- Amanda looks gorgeous hair and makeup wise, but considering her dress was custom made, I'd expect the neck part to fit better.
I have to agree D, she looks washed out and needs more color on her lips. 

Sally Field in flowing, and entire body covering red gown. Sally and Dustin Hoffman are hugging it out.
   D- Dear Sally, you have a rockin bod for a 66 year old. Take a note from Helen Mirran and show that sucka' off. Don't dress like you are an extra on Little House on the Prairie. 
   D- This mani cam makes me want to kill myself.
   Y- Speaking of my tribe members (darling Y is Jewish) Dustin Hoffman looks like he fell asleep in a tanning bed but I still love him. xo

Jennifer Hudson you look like a gorgeous slate blue mermaid in Roberto Cavalli. Love the dress.
   A- Jennifer Hudson could literally step on Seacrest, she looks awesome.

Jennifer Lawrence's dress has so much volume in the bottom it feels too much like wedding dress. Is it white or pink? I can't tell.
   D- Why is world did you think it was a good idea to wear this?
   B (the boy)- Kelly Osbourne's hair is a little bit like a "My Little Pony"
   A- Why is it a wedding dress? Is this the Bachelor?

Charlize Theron in a structured v-drop white Dior gown. I don't think anyone else can pull off the pixie cut like her. 
   A- Rocking the pixie cut
   B (the boy)- She has man shoulders (love him but he has no clue)
   Y- Ryan Seacrest's hair reminds me of Cameron Diaz in Something About Mary

Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas are so sweet. 
   D- CZJ looks like an Oscar
   B- Michael Douglas looks like an investment banker

Helen Hunt is wearing an H&M dress, God love her! 
   B- Helen Hunt is pretty awesome
   A- Love her H&M dress! But did she have like 7 eye lifts this morning?
   Y- Helen Hunt and Leelee Sobieski need to star in a lifetime movie together about a divorced single woman who finds love again but then her lookalike daughter seduces her new man and a love triangle ensues. 

Jane Fonda in a very yellow gown. I am not sure the color is doing her justice. She looks pretty incredible for her age!
   D- Dear Jane, apparently when you got in your car for the Oscars, you thought you were getting in the DeLorean and traveling back to 1986 when that dress would have been in style.

Anne Hathaway in Prada. I was hoping for a little more color but she has such a beautiful figure and the dress fits her perfectly. I don't understand the addition of the necklace, earrings would have finished off the look a little better.
    B (the boy)- thinks he can see her nipples 
    D - Hello Gwyneth's Oscar dress 1998 - ugly color, horrible fit, looks like she bought the dress in the Disney princess store.
   Y - Anne Hathaway is dressed for prom in 1984. 
   A - Agree. I actually think I wore that dress in yellow to my senior prom. She could also use some nip guards.

Jennifer Aniston in a voluminous red gown. The bodice is nicely simple and flattering but I think there is just a little too much volume from the hips down.
   D- Love her, she is my favorite
   A- Seriously, were they giving away botox this morning

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are darling. Her dress is beyond but her hair is a little promy. 
   Y- It's so twisted that Keith Urban has his hair highlighted more than his wife.

Naomi Watts in Armani Prive.
   Y- A+ for Naomi! SHe looks great period. I think she botoxed the sheezy out if her forehead but she is BFF with Nicole Kidman so I am not surprised.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck win best couple of the night. She looks gorgeous in a wine colored gown and he just looks so dapper. 
   D- For someone with no boobs she is rockin' the red carpet and dominating all those fake boob ladies.
   A- Obsessed with her necklace and hair

We are now watching ABC, join us!

  D- Kristin Chenowith looks like flames are attacking her face. Could they have given her a box to stand on? 

The Queen Latifah has arrived! She is always so well dressed. Love her!

   D- Halle Berry, wait why is she there? Is she presenting? Robin Roberts is my personal winner of the Oscar's.

We cannot wait for Adele to sing! She said he dress weighs 15 kilos, that is a lot of dress.

Stacy Keibler looks radiant in this pewter and silver gown. She is channeling the '20's without looking costumey. 
   D- As ridiculous as I find her, a former pro wrestler, she looks like a hot piece tonight. 

Daniel Day Lewis looks so nice is a navy tuxedo with a black lapel. His wife looks so classy and age appropriate.

And we are heading inside. Best dressed tomorrow! Enjoy the show!

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