Monday, March 25, 2013

Pack it up, Pack it in

In a few days I am off to California for a ten day visit! I start with a packing list (excel based so I can change and update easily) and include basic necessities, like undergarments and workout clothes, then I get more detailed with specific outfits and accessories. For San Francisco, I stick to a more casual wardrobe, except for any special events. This trip I need a dress for Easter, it's the bright pink French Connection dress below with leopard heels and black skinny belt. Then everything is placed on the bed in categories so I can see all of it before I start packing. This extra step helps weed out any unnecessary items, as well as help decide on pieces that work together and how many outfits I will have to work with.

Whenever I travel I do my best to choose items than can be worn several different ways. If I am lucky enough there will be a place to do laundry, too! This way I am maximizing my travel wardrobe and I avoid checking luggage because everything will fit into my carry-on (nothing in my handbag has been included above, that contains all the very important things like wallet, gum, chocolate, magazines, iPad and iPhone). What I still need to pack in this carry-on are clothes for my little guy and my toiletry bag. (The Kate Spade Flamingo bag houses my jewelry. Thank you Tia for this gift!)

Note: Fortunately, I don't have to pack my running shoes or too many toiletries. I am visiting my parents and I leave extras of everything there, to the annoyance of my father who just wants to throw everything away, including prized possessions like my 8th grade graduation dress :)

So, if you are going on a trip soon, set aside a little extra time to create your packing list and plan out your ensembles. It will give you peace of mind to know all of your outfits are selected, ready to go and will fit in your suitcase!

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