Monday, April 8, 2013

My Grandmother's earrings

While I was home in California last week, I stumbled upon the most gorgeous pair of multi color blue stone cluster clip-on earrings. I immediately took them out of my mom's jewelry and insisted that I wear them, they did not belong in a drawer, they needed to be seen!

*I paired these with skinny jeans, a blue and white striped linen blouse and blue suede wedges. They were the statement of my outfit.

I pleaded with my mom that I should really have these radiant statement earrings since they will be worn ALL the time and with the utmost care and love. But, when I learned they were the only piece of jewelry she had that was her mom's, I dropped the begging. She did say I could have them some day :) In the meantime, I take inspiration from my very stylish Grandmother and search for a pair of statements earrings that would make her proud. Enjoy!

Statement earrings

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