Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What's new Wednesday: Booties

With all this twerking going on, I just couldn't resist. But I am not talking about booty shaking, I am talking about the booties you will be wearing this fall. I am sure you could totally twerk in these, if you felt so inclined.

If you are looking for a new pair or just an update, there are some great styles out there. Many can transition from day to night (slouch, animal print, sleek, even lace up), so really you are getting two pairs for the price of one, LOVE that. Looking for other choices or how to style? Tweet me @stylebyrisso or send an email to


What's new Wednesday: Booties

I am looking for a new pair myself and I am loving the wedge versions. Running around all day with the little guy, these will be comfortable and chic. Expect to see me in this outfit, a lot. xoxo

What's new Wednesday: Wedge bootie styling

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