Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Finds: Goop for less, Fall fashion

Oh, GP. I love when you drop a nice little fashion piece into my inbox. I actually look forward to seeing what you have put together and how much it would cost me. This time around for 4 outfits I will be shelling out a lovely $16,884.

So, I take inspiration from Goop's very cool, understated fall style and give you a more affordable, but still chic, version of three of Goop's featured looks. Enjoy!

Goop Boyfriend Tailoring: $6,005

Frolic in Tulle: $419
Splurged on the coat
Friday Finds: Goop for less...Boyfriend tailoring


Goop Modern Texture: $2,464

Frolic in Tulle: $387
Friday Finds: Goop for less...Modern Texture


Goop Clean Lines: $4,020

Frolic in Tulle: $252
Friday Finds: Goop for less...Clean lines

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