Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Black and White with Whimsy all over

Alexander McQueen and Chanel showed their Fall 2009 lines yesterday in Paris.

Alexander McQueen

I am giving you fair warning that the McQueen's show is moving art, it is "freaky" for lack of a better word. The "mommy dearest" oversize lips frighten me, as well as the bandaged sci-fi "hats", this show gave me the heebee geebees but I could NOT take my eyes off it. The details, fabrics, and pattern combos are lively, whimsical, and above all amazing.

Below are a few looks... click here for the entire collection


There have been two biopics of Coco's life this year and a new movie coming "Coco avant Chanel" staring Audrey Tautou (it premiers in France on April 22nd before coming to the states, click here for the trailer (french no subtitles, I couldn't' understand a thing since I don't speak french but it looks amazing!))

Ah, Chanel. Classic, feminine, modern. It's amazing what Karl can do with the most basic of colors, black and white. ooh, and look closely at the pops of green, so wondrous!! The satin pants I am not too sure about, not because I don't love the cut and the shine but because I cannot pull them off, they show every hint of imperfection (Those bits I keep to myself).

I want the wide bowler hat AND pink tights AND low slung belts, yummy!

Below are a few looks... click here for the entire collection

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