Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh Beatrix!

Sometimes I think I should dedicate a blog solely to shoes. And in that blog there would be a special section called "Oh Beatrix". Beatrix Ong is awesomely, ridiculously amazing at crafting and creating luscious yummy shoes. Scrolling through her Autumn/Fall 2009 collection made me gasp and sigh "oh Beatrix" several times over. I won't make you read anymore, just enjoy the photos from below...sigh... Enjoy!

Beatrix inspiration post
Far Fetch and Beatrix post

All of these wonderful ladies can be found at Beatrix Ong Online

Oru, £338

Naida, £368

Gullveig, £338

Luna, £268

Tinka, £398

Pixie, £468

Hermos, £568

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Sherri said...

those pixies are A.dorable.